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Stared at me until I was out of sight

I was on my way to work and I have to change lines in Acacias to get the Cercanías train in Embajadores. A guy came up behind me in the tunel between the two stations and started harassing me. I had earphones in and I just ignored him thinking he would leave me alone after … Continued

Disgusting uni students

I was walking behind three guys and I overtook them. I was walking with my earphones in but one was broken so I could hear everything. So one of them said “check out the arse on this one”. The other responded with “Totally, I’d fuck her ’til it split open”. They absolutely fucking disgust me.

“wanna fuck?”

I was stroling along the waterfront promenade when some guys came up to me and said “wanna fuck?”

A white chick with a black dude!

We were in the San Froilan street party when I was walking while hugging my friend and some idiot shouted ‘bloody hell, a white chick with a black dude!’


On a Sunday last year in June I was on my way back home at around 4pm. I had come from a family lunch at my grandmother’s house, I’d left early because I had to study. I was relaxed and listening to music while I went down Ramírez de Prado street near the Delicias cercanías … Continued


Going up the stairs in Sol towards line two I made eye contact with a person who was coming towards me down the stairs. The moment we made I contact I felt that he might try and use our absolutely normal and natural meeting of eyes as an excuse to talk to me. I looked … Continued

Creative response

I tried to respond to a guy who harassed a friend and me in a funny way but I didn’t like the outcome. The guy thought it was hilarious and I don’t feel that I changed the power dynamic in the situation, and that actually just pissed me off further. I’ll keep on trying new … Continued

I responded with something just as rude

I was going for a strole with my partner (we’re both women) one afternoon down one of the main streets in the village/town (this happened in Avda Colmenar more or less right in front of the AhorraMás), and we weren’t being affectionate with each other or anything else that might draw attention to us. At … Continued

He responded with “you’re crazy!”

A year ago in Legazpi metro as I was going into the carriage I felt someone touch my arse. It was a quick brush like with knuckles. I went in and turned around (I thought it might have been someone who’d done it by mistake or someone’s bag) and I saw that it was a … Continued

“we’ll get this one to come over by force”

It was four in the morning and I was on my way home. I was alone because I’d left my mates in the club and as I was walking into that park there was a group of guys and they said “Hey, you! Andrea, Raquel, or whatever you’re called, come over here”. Of course they … Continued

He winked at me

I was with friends in the terrace of a posh bar where I live and we were chatting and generally having a good time. I noticed a figure a few metres behind my friends who was starting at us, I looked up and this guy was looking at us all and grinning in quite a … Continued

He got closer without me realising

I was waiting in the ALSA bus stop for my mates when a man who was arond 50 years old came up next to me and asked me how I was – I left. When my mates got there we went to get the bus and while we were walking he came up behind me … Continued

I’m 14 years old

I’m 14 years old, one day I was meeting my mum and because I was late I was running and an older man said to me “fucking hell, great tits”

Satisfied with my responce

I passed some guy in the street and he looked me up and down while saying woooooah, with the kind of facial expression that makes you wanna puke, yuck. I turned around and said Excuse me? What did you just say? He repeated himself. (Did he seriously think I hadn’t heard him the first time?) … Continued

A young guy started to follow me

A few weeks ago I was walking from the metro Alvarado to Estrecho. I was alone but felt fine because it was a busy enough street. However, in that short stretch of street a young guy started to follow me and say things like ‘let me carry your bag for you baby’, ‘it’s a bit … Continued

You should quit smoking!

I was smoking on a corner in Malasaña at about 22h when two guys in a van passed me. They stopped the van and started shouting “guapa” “estás muy buena” and the usual things. One of them told me “you should quit smoking, it’s bad for your health, you’ll lose your good looks and we … Continued

Solo traveller on the Camino

I’m doing the Camino del norte and had just gone to dinner with a group of women I’d met on the Camino. They went to get something from their car, leaving me to walk just one block back to the hostel alone. It was Saturday night around midnight and the streets were fairly quiet. As … Continued

Sometimes even headphones aren’t enough

Like many other women, I rarely walk through the streets alone without my headphones. Last week, on my way to the airport, with a backpack, hurried pace and headphones in, a man tried to stop me, by gesturing to his friend and yelling out with “Hey!”. It’s like, really, you can’t take a hint. How … Continued

Biphobia during world pride

We were on our way to the Pride protest, surrounded by people getting ready for the march. We had our bisexual flags tied around our necks as “superhero capes” and were carrying signs that said “100% bisexual”. We walked past a couple of men sitting on the grass, who, like many other people, were waiting for … Continued

Pack mentality

I was walking with my friend through Plaza Lavapies last Friday night around midnight and a group of men starting whistling and yelling things out to us, one of them yelled “Polaca” (Polish) at me, I guess because I have pale skin and blonde hair? I just scowled at them and when we were far … Continued

I was physically assaulted 3 times on the metro

This morning I was physically assaulted 3 times on the metro. The first time I felt a shove in my back and when I turned around there was a man staring at me, I assume I had knocked him accidentally with my bag as I tried to pass so I dismissed it as nothing. A … Continued

We remembered our bystander intervention training

My friend and I were in a mixed gay bar called La Ochenta in Lavapiés. We noticed one very drunk man was leering at all the women and he kept trying to approach us but we just stared at him angrily and moved away. Then he started trying to harass other women in the bar. … Continued

“Two Women Kissing Is Normal”

I had been out on a date with a girl and we’d decided to go to a club afterwards. It was about 3am and since we lived in the same direction we were walking together. We stopped on the corner of a street to say our goodbyes and part ways; it was a small street … Continued

“I was crossing the road so I couldn’t stop”

Just walking to work near Puerta de Alcala. Crossing road. Only traffic waiting is a man on a motorbike. As I walk past he says “Muy Bonita”. I turn around and glare at him and he just looks at me with this really intense look, wide eyes, slight smile, and nods his head. Eughhh Wish … Continued

He yelled ‘guapa’ and laughed at me

I was walking to the metro with a very serious facial expression because I was thinking about something sad and serious that was happening in my life, when suddenly a man yelled ‘guapa!’ at me and laughed at me. This really pissed me off because it was as if this man couldn’t accept that women … Continued

A man yelled ‘ayyy guapa’ in a super gross way

It was 9 in the morning and I was speaking with my mum on my phone while I walked to work when suddenly a man yelled ‘ayyy guapa’ in a super gross way. I had to explain to my mother why in the middle on my sentence I had a made a disgusted sound. What … Continued