Category: Staring

Stared at me until I was out of sight

I was on my way to work and I have to change lines in Acacias to get the Cercanías train in Embajadores. A guy came up behind me in the tunel between the two stations and started harassing me. I had earphones in and I just ignored him thinking he would leave me alone after … Continued

Harass the harassor

I was walking down calle Toledo in the centre of madrid. I crossed the street at the same time as another woman and we as we were getting to the other side I saw that a guy was looking this young woman up and down with abolsutely no shame, and obviously looking to get her … Continued

He winked at me

I was with friends in the terrace of a posh bar where I live and we were chatting and generally having a good time. I noticed a figure a few metres behind my friends who was starting at us, I looked up and this guy was looking at us all and grinning in quite a … Continued

He stared at us

I was going down to the metro in La Latina and I was with a girl by the escalators. We kissed each other for a minute, and a man passed us on our left, and then stopped, turned around and stared at us. We stopped kissing and he went on down the stairs. We kissed … Continued

Satisfied with my responce

I passed some guy in the street and he looked me up and down while saying woooooah, with the kind of facial expression that makes you wanna puke, yuck. I turned around and said Excuse me? What did you just say? He repeated himself. (Did he seriously think I hadn’t heard him the first time?) … Continued

We remembered our bystander intervention training

My friend and I were in a mixed gay bar called La Ochenta in Lavapiés. We noticed one very drunk man was leering at all the women and he kept trying to approach us but we just stared at him angrily and moved away. Then he started trying to harass other women in the bar. … Continued

“He stared at my bum instead”

“A guy stared at my cleavage so I covered it and he stared at my bum instead and I said to him ‘what the fuck, stop staring at me’.”