Category: Racism

A white chick with a black dude!

We were in the San Froilan street party when I was walking while hugging my friend and some idiot shouted ‘bloody hell, a white chick with a black dude!’

“How much for 15 minutes?”

I was looking at flowers to buy from a man, we chatted for a bit, then out of nowhere he asks in Spanish “how much for 15 minutes?” Another time, I was sitting at a park eating lunch and an abuelo began talking to me and then asked if I would come to his house … Continued

“…specifically aimed toward my race”

As a black woman, I daily receive a ton of catcalls that are usually specifically aimed toward my race. These catcalls haven’t only come from Spanish men, but also Afro-Latinos and African men. I’ve even gotten a sugar daddy proposal from a Spanish abuelo.

“Either cover your head or stop complaining!”

I usually wear a hat in public in Madrid because I don’t like the way people respond to my hair. On 3 separate occasions (twice in Malasaña and once in Chueca), people have touched it without asking. In all instances, the person (two men and a woman) came up from behind me and ran their … Continued