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“we’ll get this one to come over by force”

It was four in the morning and I was on my way home. I was alone because I’d left my mates in the club and as I was walking into that park there was a group of guys and they said “Hey, you! Andrea, Raquel, or whatever you’re called, come over here”. Of course they … Continued


As always I got on the metro. I sat down, a guy was sitting in front of me and he was continuously moving his phone around. It didn’t seem strange to me at all… the woman who was next to him at some point got up. I thought she was getting off at her stop… … Continued

He stared at us

I was going down to the metro in La Latina and I was with a girl by the escalators. We kissed each other for a minute, and a man passed us on our left, and then stopped, turned around and stared at us. We stopped kissing and he went on down the stairs. We kissed … Continued

“Too close for comfort”

I was sitting down on the metro looking at my phone and after a while I realise that a man is standing really close in front of me. Because I had my legs crossed he’d been able to get really close to me and had one hand holding the metro pole to my right and … Continued

Staring for no reason

I’d gonen out for a run in my local area. I was tired and started walking and I walked past a guy who was coming towards me. He started starting at me and when i looked back at him he just kept on staring. He turned his head to keep looking at me as I … Continued

Bar Pencho

The waiter or owner uses his mobile while he’s working to take photos of women who pass by in the street.

He tried to intimidate me

I was walking along the street about a minute from my house and I passed a guy who was walking in the opposite direction. When we were getting closer I looked at him in a very normal way. When I looked away I realise that now he was staring at me fixedly, seemingly to intimidate … Continued

Giró y articuló las palabras “que te follen”

I got on the metro and took a seat next to a guy reading. He was manspreading with his elbows to the point where I couldn’t actually get my book out of my bag. In my attempt to get mine out I bumped him and he shot me an irritated look. I asked him to … Continued

Chalk Walk Video (Plaza 2 de Mayo)

We hope you like the video of our first Chalk Walk (Paseo de la Tiza): an event replicated all over the world by everyone who is part of the international Hollaback! network. The objective is to visibilise the problem of street harassment by filling the streets with messages written in chalk. This was just the … Continued