Category: Homophobia

He stared at us

I was going down to the metro in La Latina and I was with a girl by the escalators. We kissed each other for a minute, and a man passed us on our left, and then stopped, turned around and stared at us. We stopped kissing and he went on down the stairs. We kissed … Continued

“Two Women Kissing Is Normal”

I had been out on a date with a girl and we’d decided to go to a club afterwards. It was about 3am and since we lived in the same direction we were walking together. We stopped on the corner of a street to say our goodbyes and part ways; it was a small street … Continued

“Not just objects for your sexual voyeurism”

Last Saturday night I met an incredibly beautiful woman at a club. Naturally, because I’m so suave and funny (but also because I have some kind of dumb luck) she seemed to like me as well. We left the club together but weren’t ready to say goodbye yet. As we stood on Gran Vía kissing, … Continued