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Age 10, paralysed

I was 10 years old, it was rush hour in Sol metro, I was with my mum and some pig lifted up my clothes and started touching my bottom. I completely froze and I just wanted to get to Legazpi where we were going to get off. I didn’t say anything to my mum, I … Continued

I felt a hand on my waist…

We were in a nightclub in Lugo when we came out of the bathroom and suddenly felt the hand of some 30-year-old man around our waists.

He responded with “you’re crazy!”

A year ago in Legazpi metro as I was going into the carriage I felt someone touch my arse. It was a quick brush like with knuckles. I went in and turned around (I thought it might have been someone who’d done it by mistake or someone’s bag) and I saw that it was a … Continued

He took advantage and touched me

When I was 17 years old the hairdresser in my village was alone with me and when he passed his hand over the hairdressing gown to shake out the hair he also did this around the area of my vulva several times. As he saw that I didn’t react he went back and touched me … Continued

One of the guys I was with

I was taking a group selfie with a beer in one hand and my phone in another when a hand ran over my breast. I thought it must have been a mistake. It happened again and I elbowed whoever it was best I could. I stretched out my arm again to take the photo and … Continued

Done accepting harassment!

I had just left the metro station and was walking with my roommate by Plaza de España. We were on our way to salsa dance and the streets were relatively deserted. A man, who by his smell I judged to be drunk, passed close by me and as he passed, reached out, grabbed my ass, … Continued

A woman alone

I was sitting at a terrace with my boyfriend when a guy came up to ask to ask for money. He was very friendly but we said no. He went over to the woman sat at the table next to us to do the same. The woman was alone and seemed to be a tourist … Continued

He grabbed my breast

On the 20th September 2017 at twenty past twelve at night I was walking down the street with all the faculties near San Bernardo which were full of uni students celebrating the start of their classes. I was on my way home, with my two flatmates, when a guy with a red short-sleeved shirt riding … Continued

He reached out his hand and actually grabbed her breast

I was waiting to cross the street, and across from me a woman was crossing a different street. A man was crossing in the other direction, and as he reached her he reached out his hand and actually grabbed her breast. She hit his hand away and turned around and said something which I couldn’t … Continued