Category: Being followed

Stared at me until I was out of sight

I was on my way to work and I have to change lines in Acacias to get the Cercanías train in Embajadores. A guy came up behind me in the tunel between the two stations and started harassing me. I had earphones in and I just ignored him thinking he would leave me alone after … Continued


On a Sunday last year in June I was on my way back home at around 4pm. I had come from a family lunch at my grandmother’s house, I’d left early because I had to study. I was relaxed and listening to music while I went down Ramírez de Prado street near the Delicias cercanías … Continued

Harassing a teenager

I was sitting on a terrace and I saw how a girl was being followed by a boy more or less her age (around 15-16 years old). She sat on a bench looking as if she felt very frustrated and helpless because she kept telling him to stop following her and he was taking no … Continued

He got closer without me realising

I was waiting in the ALSA bus stop for my mates when a man who was arond 50 years old came up next to me and asked me how I was – I left. When my mates got there we went to get the bus and while we were walking he came up behind me … Continued

A young guy started to follow me

A few weeks ago I was walking from the metro Alvarado to Estrecho. I was alone but felt fine because it was a busy enough street. However, in that short stretch of street a young guy started to follow me and say things like ‘let me carry your bag for you baby’, ‘it’s a bit … Continued

(Not So) Blurred Lines

(Originally published on, October 28, 2013) This song was one of my favorites this summer. I loved the beat. Sure, I had read the lyrics. I completely understood what the song was saying. A girl was saying ‘no’ to a guy’s sexual advances. However, because she was dancing with him and wanted to ‘hug’ … Continued