Category: Assault

I started screaming

This happened to be a few years ago, it was around 3 in the afternoon. When I was coming back from dropping my daughter off at school I went through the main door into the building of my block of flats, and when I got into the lift I saw that a man who had … Continued

Done accepting harassment!

I had just left the metro station and was walking with my roommate by Plaza de España. We were on our way to salsa dance and the streets were relatively deserted. A man, who by his smell I judged to be drunk, passed close by me and as he passed, reached out, grabbed my ass, … Continued

He grabbed my breast

On the 20th September 2017 at twenty past twelve at night I was walking down the street with all the faculties near San Bernardo which were full of uni students celebrating the start of their classes. I was on my way home, with my two flatmates, when a guy with a red short-sleeved shirt riding … Continued

I was physically assaulted 3 times on the metro

This morning I was physically assaulted 3 times on the metro. The first time I felt a shove in my back and when I turned around there was a man staring at me, I assume I had knocked him accidentally with my bag as I tried to pass so I dismissed it as nothing. A … Continued

He reached out his hand and actually grabbed her breast

I was waiting to cross the street, and across from me a woman was crossing a different street. A man was crossing in the other direction, and as he reached her he reached out his hand and actually grabbed her breast. She hit his hand away and turned around and said something which I couldn’t … Continued