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October 31, 2017

Done accepting harassment!

I had just left the metro station and was walking with my roommate by Plaza de España. We were on our way to salsa dance and the streets were relatively deserted. A man, who by his smell I judged to be drunk, passed close by me and as he passed, reached out, grabbed my ass, and squeezed. This was not even close to the first time this has happened to…
October 9, 2017

Mirada sin razón

[Title: Mirada sin razón]Había salido a correr por El Barrio. Me cansé y empecé a caminar y se cruzó en mi camino un hombre. Empezó mirarme fijamente y cuando le miré siguió mirándome. Giró la cabeza para seguir mirándome mientras me pasaba y me sonrió... no me asustó, ni me daba miedo, y tampoco me molestó mucho... pero sí quiero saber para qué se pone a mirarme sin parar y…
September 29, 2017

Me cogió bruscamente un pecho

El 20 de septiembre de 2017 a las doce y veinte de la noche, caminaba por la avenida de las facultades de san bernardo que se encontraban repletas de universitarios festejando el comienzo de clases. Iba ya a mi casa, con mis dos compañeras de piso, cuando un chico con camiseta de manga corta roja montado en bicicleta se ha visto con el derecho de cogerme bruscamente un pecho. No…


A woman alone

I was sitting at a terrace with my boyfriend when a guy came up to ask to ask for money. He was very friendly but we said no. He went over to the woman sat at the table next to us to do the same. The woman was alone and seemed to be a tourist … Continued

Staring for no reason

I’d gonen out for a run in my local area. I was tired and started walking and I walked past a guy who was coming towards me. He started starting at me and when i looked back at him he just kept on staring. He turned his head to keep looking at me as I … Continued

He grabbed my breast

On the 20th September 2017 at twenty past twelve at night I was walking down the street with all the faculties near San Bernardo which were full of uni students celebrating the start of their classes. I was on my way home, with my two flatmates, when a guy with a red short-sleeved shirt riding … Continued