Stared at me until I was out of sight

I was on my way to work and I have to change lines in Acacias to get the Cercanías train in Embajadores. A guy came up behind me in the tunel between the two stations and started harassing me. I had earphones in and I just ignored him thinking he would leave me alone after a while. But he stayed right next to me even when I started to speed up. He was saying the usual crap “hey beautiful, where are you going?”, etc. In the end I said “leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you” and walked even faster. He started to shout at me “bitch” and other insults but he let me get ahead of him a bit. I knew he was still there and he came out of the metro behind me. I thought he was going to leave but he followed me down the stairs in to the Certanías. When I went through the barrier to the Cercanías he stayed on the other side staring at me until I was out of sight. He was obviously not prepared to follow me further.

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