He responded with “you’re crazy!”

A year ago in Legazpi metro as I was going into the carriage I felt someone touch my arse. It was a quick brush like with knuckles. I went in and turned around (I thought it might have been someone who’d done it by mistake or someone’s bag) and I saw that it was a 40 year old man. I looked at him and pushed him a little and said “You need to be more careful”, to which he asked “about what?”, and I spoke back loudly, I dunno if perhaps a bit too loudly ’cause everyone on the train was quiet and looking over, and said “you’ve got to be more careful with your hands ’cause I felt someone touch my arse”, and he responded with “you’re crazy! You’re out of your mind” and making gestures to give the impression that I was the one with the problem. As he wasn’t shutting up, and wasn’t even apologising for touching me by accident I said even more loudly “I don’t care, in this world there are perverts, so you never know!” and that stopped him. After that I looked at the people around us and I felt really rubbish because I felt they might think that I was crazy, or overreacting, or up myself … I know I definitely went red because I felt the blood rushing to my face. But now I feel happy that I made what he did visible, and that I wasn’t silenced, and that if there are more men like him that there are also women who don’t stay silent, and do something about it.

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