Done accepting harassment!

I had just left the metro station and was walking with my roommate by Plaza de España. We were on our way to salsa dance and the streets were relatively deserted. A man, who by his smell I judged to be drunk, passed close by me and as he passed, reached out, grabbed my ass, and squeezed. This was not even close to the first time this has happened to me in 3 different countries. But it was the first time in a while that I defended myself. I turned without thinking and yelled Qué haces?! and shoved him hard in the back. He nearly fell. I was ready to fight if I had to, sick and tired of being told to not confront offenders because it might put me in more danger or that I would be seen as the aggressor, but he was so drunk he never even turned around. 2 seconds later I decided that I was f***ing done with accepting harassment as a fact of life. I was so angry. I am so angry. 2 days later I joined a Muay Thai team. I plan to join the fight against harassment in any way I can, socially and individually. I almost feel bad for the next guy to touch me without my permission.