A woman alone

I was sitting at a terrace with my boyfriend when a guy came up to ask to ask for money. He was very friendly but we said no. He went over to the woman sat at the table next to us to do the same. The woman was alone and seemed to be a tourist with a suitcase. The guy told her that the tattoo that she had on her chest was really nice and leaned in and touched it. He put his hand on top of her tattoo for a good second saying ‘oh it’s really lovely’, and then he went off and on towards another table. The woman was smiling the whole time and trying to be polite repeating that she didn’t want to give him any money.

Fod goodness sake. So many of us have had similar experience and it’s just really shit. Alone and on top of that it’s difficult to put down limits.

I decided to speak with her a bit and that at least made me feel a bit better, I hope that she felt like I had her back.

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