He grabbed my breast

On the 20th September 2017 at twenty past twelve at night I was walking down the street with all the faculties near San Bernardo which were full of uni students celebrating the start of their classes.
I was on my way home, with my two flatmates, when a guy with a red short-sleeved shirt riding a bike decided he had the right to grab one of my breasts.
It didn’t come to me to confront him but instead to defend myself, ’cause it wasn’t even a quick grab, he actually grabbed me with so much force that I had to pull him off with both my hands. At the same time I shouted “What are you doing? Dickhead!” and he carry on really chilled while I had no idea what direction to go in, or whether to pull him off his bike right then and there. My friends were unsure of what exactly had happened and they imaged that he must have fallen into me given that he didn’t react in the slightest to me shouting at him. Given his not caring at all I don’t think it was a first or a last time for him, and that’s why I’ve decided to write about it in my social networks and here.

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