“Two Women Kissing Is Normal”

I had been out on a date with a girl and we’d decided to go to a club afterwards. It was about 3am and since we lived in the same direction we were walking together. We stopped on the corner of a street to say our goodbyes and part ways; it was a small street which branches off Calle Bailén.

We started to kiss, and after maybe a minute I heard someone shout something from the road and I suddenly became aware that some cars passing us were actually slowing down to look at two women kissing. I tried to ignore it and we carried on kissing for a few minutes, but then the girl I was with also became aware that the people passing us both in cars and walking on the street were staring at us. She got so uncomfortable we had to move further down the road where we were hidden in order to actually say goodbye before we parted ways.

Two women kissing is normal. It is not a side-show or an excuse to stop and stare.