Indecent Exposure on Opera Metro Platform

My friend and I were taking the Metro home one Friday before midnight when she noticed that a man was exposing his penis and touching himself.

Just at that moment the metro came and we entered the carriage. The man entered the carriage too, so I took out my phone and made it very obvious that I was pointing it at him. As a result he didn’t do anything, but I took a photo of him all the same.

I got off at the next stop and my friend stayed on the metro but changed carriages. I went straight to the ticket booth with the photo and explained what happened. The metro employee was great as he took it very seriously and phoned security a few stations ahead.

My friend saw them get onto the carriage he was on, but didn’t see what happened.

Based on this and another experience this weekend where my friend started filming her aggressor, I have come to the realisation it is a deterrent if the harrassers think you are recording them.

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