“Not just objects for your sexual voyeurism”

Last Saturday night I met an incredibly beautiful woman at a club. Naturally, because I’m so suave and funny (but also because I have some kind of dumb luck) she seemed to like me as well. We left the club together but weren’t ready to say goodbye yet.

As we stood on Gran Vía kissing, several people walked by making comments under their breath or barely loud enough to hear. I’m a lesbian and sadly, I’m really used to this happening to me when I’m with another girl so I was able to brush it off. The piece de resistance, though, came from a man who stopped in his tracks and asked if he could join us. I told him to move along several times, and only after I rejected his offer of paying us did he move on to go lurk in the dank sewer drain where I’m sure he has a very nice house.

I want you to know that this is the second time in a month that I’ve been asked to have a threesome with a man because I was a woman kissing another woman. I want you to know that we are humans and not just objects for your sexual voyeurism. I want you to understand that I deserve to be able to kiss someone in public in fucking peace.